8 Easy, Healthy Breakfasts for People On the Go (Or for you lazy peeps)

Bottom line: there aren’t enough hours in a day. Whether you’re in a rush to get out the door, or would rather spend your downtime actually relaxing rather than cooking a complex meal, eating healthy can seem challenging.

The truth is, eating healthy is actually pretty simple. All you need is an extra 5-10 minutes, a few simple ingredients, and then you can enjoy a simple, guilt-free meal that nourishes your body and fuels your mind throughout the day.

Note: If you want to save even more time on these dishes, chop your ingredients the night before!

1. Brussel Sprouts and Tempeh 

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Tempeh is made of fermented soybeans and is packed with protein (31g per cup), and high in fiber, calcium, magnesium, and iron. It has a nutty, grainy texture that complements greens nicely. To make this savory dish, all you need is:

brussel sprouts, tempeh, coconut oil, soy sauce

To Make:

  • Crumble the tempeh and saute in coconut oil and soy sauce for a few minutes on medium heat.
  • Quarter the brussel sprouts (halve them, then halve them again), and add to the pan for a couple minutes. Your brussel sprouts should still be firm when complete.
  • Enjoy!

2. Breakfast Burrito


This breakfast burrito is a bit heavy, which makes it great for mornings when you’re really hungry. The greens and sprouted tortilla wrap lighten this dish and give you even more vitamins and minerals to start your day off to a healthy start. You’ll need:

herbed tofu (shredded- either slice it thin using a knife or put it through a cheese grater), black and red kidney beans (rinsed), mixed greens (arugula, baby spinach, & baby kale), sprouted tortilla wrap (you can usually find these in the frozen section of a grocery or health food store), vegan honey mustard (I used Hampton Creek’s brand), vegan BBQ sauce, coconut oil

To Make:

  • Grease a pan in coconut oil.
  • Toss the beans & tofu in until hot (should only take a few minutes).
  • Throw it all together and enjoy! 

3. Smoothie

FullSizeRender (1)

Smoothies are perfect for mornings you need something light yet fulfilling. My usual rule of thumb for a smoothie is to add: 3 fruits, 1 vegetable, chia or hemp seeds, and coconut milk or yogurt. Dark chocolate is also a good addition for added antioxidants and magnesium. However, there are so many different smoothie recipes– just play around with ingredients and have fun! I made the smoothie pictured above using:

3 tbsp peanut butter, 1 banana, 1/2 liter soy milk (light vanilla flavor), dark chocolate, coconut shavings

To make:

  • Melt the dark chocolate.
  • Put all ingredients into a blender and enjoy! It’s that easy.

4. Fresh berries & peanut butter toast

FullSizeRender (2)

I always swap jelly for fresh berries whenever I make a peanut butter sandwich. Traditional jellies usually contain a lot of added sugar. Using fresh berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries, adds natural sugar, fiber, and antioxidants into your meal.

To make:

  • You don’t need my help with this one 🙂

5. Tofu Scramble

FullSizeRender (3)

Tofu scramble is the perfect dish to spice up your mornings. Different spices are known to offer different health benefits, such as lowered risk for heart disease, certain cancers, and can activate your metabolism for weight loss. You’ll need:

Firm tofu, white onion, turmeric, curry powder, cayenne pepper, coconut oil 

For added deliciousness & health, add veggies such as broccoli and red bell peppers.

To make: 

  • Cube the tofu and slice the vegetables the night before.
  • Grease a pan in coconut oil. On medium heat, add the tofu into the pan until hot.
  • Add the vegetables into the pan. Sprinkle turmeric, curry powder, and cayenne pepper onto the ingredients- to your liking. Stir the dish to make sure the spices spread evenly.
  • Continue cooking until you can stab through the broccoli with a fork.

6. Oatmeal and fruit

FullSizeRender (4)

I love eating oatmeal on a chilly morning. Its warmth is so grounding, and I love how easy it is to add healthy ingredients. I always like to add:

cinnamon, berries, chia seeds

A lot of people don’t know this, but cinnamon is very high in antioxidants, which is essential for a strong immune system. Chia seeds are a complete protein, packed with micronutrients, and help us expel toxins.

To make: 

  • Add chia seeds to your oatmeal, heat as directed (I buy non-gmo, organic instant oatmeal packets).
  • Add as many berries and as much cinnamon as you desire.

7. Veggie Bagel Sandwich

FullSizeRender (5)

I never knew veggie bagel sandwiches were such a fulfilling treat until I gave one a try. The bagel fills you up, while the vegetables keep the sandwich light enough so that you’re not bogged down after eating. The best part? You don’t need to cook anything. You’ll need:

Vegan bagel (so many of Thomas’ brand of bagels are vegan- I like the everything or whole wheat for sandwiches), tomato, red onion, cucumber, baby spinach leaves, hummus

To make:

  • Toast the bagel and slice the vegetables.
  • Add all ingredients together to make one hell of a sandwich.

8. Tempeh Bacon Sandwich

FullSizeRender (7)

Tempeh is such a savory and satisfying treat to have in the morning. If you want to lighten this meal up, swap the bagel for whole wheat or sprouted bread, and the veganaise (aka vegan mayonnaise) for hummus.

Bagel or bread, tempeh bacon strips, red onion, tomato, baby spinach leaves or romaine lettuce, veganaise or hummus

  • Cook the tempeh as instructed on the package
  • Toast the bread or bagel if desired
  • Spread the veganaise or hummus onto the bread and add all of the ingredients into the sandwich.

The way you begin your morning can impact how you handle the rest of the day. When you take the time to nurture yourself, even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes each morning, you will notice the difference in how your body and mind are able to function.

When you take care of yourself, your body, in turn, takes care of you.

Your health is your wealth,



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