CATS HAVE CLAWS – If you don’t like that, don’t adopt a Cat!

When I first adopted Hercules, the light of my life, my mom asked me if I was going to get him declawed. She didn’t ask this because she’s cruel, she asked this because there’s a common misconception, especially in the United States, about declawing cats. Many people consider declawing analogous to trimming nails. In reality, declawing is literally amputating the last joint of a cat’s toe.

There’s a reason many veterinarians are refusing to declaw cats, and why it’s illegal in many European countries. It’s an excruciatingly painful surgery that weakens the cat’s muscles over time, and can lead to behavioral problems as the cat is left feeling vulnerable. They need their claws to defend themselves, climb, and play. Cats are natural born predators, and their claws keep them happy as endorphins are released whenever they scratch. Declawing a cat is animal cruelty.

Yes, I have scars from Hercules scratching me. My boyfriend’s mom adopted a sweet, gentle-natured cat who seems to barely use his claws, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Hercules is not one of those domestic cats. He is wild, he is fierce, and above all else he is loving, but he does love to mark his territory and scratch things. But when you adopt a kitten (I adopted him when he was super young), you have to be prepared for that behavior. Some cats are more calm and gentle, but if you’re adopting a kitten, you have to be ready to take care of him, no matter what wild personality he might develop.

I adopted Hercules because I love everything about cats, not because I wanted some stuffed animal to manipulate and redesign. Cats. Have. Claws. If you don’t like that fact, either trim their nails every two weeks (letting their nails grow too long is also uncomfortable for the cat), adopt an older cat who is known for behaving with his or her claws, or adopt a different animal. There are plenty who need loving homes.

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Please learn more about the truth of declawing here.



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