Winter is Coming but Our Earth is Still Melting – Wisdom from a Sadhu

December 1. Today I turned on the radio and heard one of the hosts rave about the weather. Considering how winter is right around the corner, it’s relatively warm outside. Too warm.

It’s more comfortable than experiencing the bitterness of winter, but I hate experiencing this kind of weather in December.

Whether you believe that the current climate change we’re experiencing was caused by humans or not, aka whether you believe in science or not, there’s one fact you can’t deny: glaciers are melting at a terrifying rate.

Three years ago, I went on a trek to see the glaciers of Gangotri National Park. A day before we embarked on the journey, me & my group spoke with a sadhu- one who has decided to renounce the physical world. The sadhu we spoke with used to be a mountaineer and photographer, and his admiration, love, and wisdom for the mountains was incredible. He told us how the glaciers are melting, causing them to move farther away each year. At 88 years old, he said he’s been here long enough to witness their recession. He warned us that at this rate of destruction, the glaciers will be gone in the near future but to people wrapped up in the material world it won’t feel as though anything is lost.


The sadhu told us how humans perceive things as separate entities; we see the Ganges river as separate from other rivers, from the earth, from the air. We see the well-being of other creatures and people as separate from our own, but we’re actually all connected. We can’t destroy one part of the earth without it causing a cascade effect of destruction.

I am sharing this experience because it’s too easy to live your life without thinking of the impact you have on this world. Too many people feel insignificant, as if their decisions won’t make a difference. But you never know who you inspire, and who those people will then inspire. Everyone leaves an impact on this earth. It’s unavoidable. You just need to start becoming conscious of the type of impact you’re leaving.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a plant-based diet is the best diet for one’s health, the well-being of animals, world hunger, and for our environment. We’re all connected. The choices we make on a daily basis have a direct and indirect effect on the world around us. Choose wisely.

Peace & love.

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